Cohort Information

The program is designed based on the same experience of top academic institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton in that members move through as a cohort in order to develop partners to build professional relationships upon, life-time relationships and study/practice partners.

This program is designed for those who have had a full career in business and are experiencing one of the following:

      • Soft Retirement©

      • Early Retirement

      • Career Change

Soft Retirement:

This is often seen in sports, the military and in management consulting firms. It is offered to employees as a result of extreme dedication in their career, which has been an intensive experience. Individuals are retired from “active duty” but may remain consultants. Thus they are free to explore other careers. They bring a lot of management, team building, and/or unofficial coaching experience.

Early Retirement:

Those who have been offered a early retirement package due to downsizing, age, etc. They bring extensive business experience they wish to transition into executive coaching.

Career Change:

Those who bring extensive business experience and have had an opportunity to experience the wonders of executive coaching and who now wish to have more knowledge in the field while being respected for the business experience they bring.