Ideal candidates for  membership in the BrainTrust™ will have completed two of the following to qualify:

  • consulting experience from one of the top 30 consulting firms:
    • 1. McKinsey & Company2. The Boston Consulting Group
      3. Bain & Company
      4. Deloitte Consulting
      5. Booz Allen Hamilton
      6. PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services LLC
      7. EY LLP Consulting Practice
      8. Accenture
      9. KPMG LLG (Consulting Practice)
      10. IBM Global Business Services
      For the complete list, click here.
  • consulting experience from one of the top management psychologists and consultants:
    • RHR International
  • informal/formal executive coaching experience with C-level executives
  • experience using coaching industry assessments
  • large audience speaking engagement experience
  • participation in a formal coaching program
  • executive level experience with a Fortune 1000 organization
  • Other experience may be considered

Membership Philosophy

For membership in the Association of corporare Executive Coaches (ACEC), we search for executives who are focused in managing their professional portfolios in a way that supports their ability to become  an “enterprise-wide business partnership™” with their clients as a mastery level coach.
The BrainTrust appreciates, accepts, and validates people that can add value to their clients at the C-suite level and who can bring their unique experiences to the table along with their coaching skills. Additionally, the BrainTrust looks at the whole person and their ability to demonstrate that they are:

  • Shift makers for their clients
  • Humble
  • Able to support their beliefs
  • Able to demonstrate experience and success
  • Interest to forge collegial relationships with others in the BrainTrust in a manor that fosters a sense of professional community[/colored_box]

How does the ACEC determine whether an applicant is qualified?

We examine if there is desired mutual synergy between the coach and the association. In addition to the detailed information available under the “Membership Philosophy” and the “Members’ Profile,” it may assist you to know there are four important areas where applicants must be able to demonstrate a substantive professional track record and personal suitability. These four areas are: Competence, Character, Culture and Cohesion.

This means you have:

  • Coach training/academics;
  • An advanced education (post graduate degree preferred);
  • The high potential for substantive and substantial coaching practice (either as an internal or external coach);
  • A informal track record of success in coaching at the executive level (C-suite etc.) in significant businesses/organizations;
  • Substantive business acumen and deep knowledge of private and/or public sector business processes/protocols (i.e., you are a capable “enterprise wide business partner”); and,
  • Significant professional accomplishments

2. Character

This means you embody and demonstrate honesty, ethics, transparency, humility, compassion, flexibility and generosity of spirit, and possess professional and personal confidence. Further, you have the desire to be actively involved in creating positive change – in the coaching industry and in the world – and are committed to bringing your energy, knowledge and experience to cooperating and collaborating effectively with others in change endeavors.

3. Culture

This means you are able to connect with and contribute to the ACEC culture, which aims to foster and support the growth of an elite, but humble, professional executive coaching association that is dedicated to service in our industry, to our clients, and to our colleagues.

4. Cohesion

This comes down to a certain synergy between the applicant and ACEC. Your personal and professional philosophies mean you are well-equipped to contribute to realizing the ACEC vision and mission. You are also aligned in building a strong sense of team spirit through coordinating our efforts, taking the time to enjoy the work, appreciate each other, and to delight in lightness and laughter along the way.

Membership Benefits o to:

  • Internships
  • Mentoring from mastery level executive coaches
  • Affiliation and networking with highly experienced corporate executive coaches.
  • Opportunity to impact the global executive coaching industry directly/life-long learning
  • Access to the ACEC’s advanced coaching training programs and services
  • Expanded business presence with a profile listing on the the ACEC public website
  • Access to members only website with industry research, whitepapers, etc…
  • Collaboration opportunities in writing and publishing industry books and articles

And much more…How to Join
1. Complete the application
2. Send in a deposit to “Reserve a Seat”
3. Contact us to set up your interview

Contact us to schedule your Interview:

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*Deposits are non-refundable unless the program is cancelled. Rescheduled start dates do not constitute program cancellation.