The Unique Way Millennials Are Getting Started in the C-Suite

by Sarah Landrum View original publication on Chelsea Millennials are our future CEOs — but they’re not getting there using traditional methods. In fact, by cleverly parlaying their perspective, skills and knowledge, millennials these days stand a chance of planting their feet in the C-suite long before many of their more seasoned counterparts did. The…

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What Is a Millennial?

A study from Pew Research found that only 40 percent of millennials even identify with the word “millennial,” compared to nearly 80 percent of those aged 51 to 69 who consider themselves part of the Baby Boomer generation.

I was actually surprised that almost half of millennials claimed to be comfortable with their generational moniker, since I find that most of the young people I meet prefer that their generation not have a title at all.

It makes sense that millennials would want to avoid the term, when you consider the negative generalizations that are frequently applied to this generation in the media, like “entitled,” “narcissistic” and “lazy.” (And it might also be because they are weary of being blamed for just about everything.)

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Six Techniques to Sharpen and Expand Your Innovation Instincts

One of the most valuable things anyone can bring to the innovation process is great ideas for uniquely solving consumer needs. And, in order to bring novel (innovative) ideas to your organization, I have found that it is important to continually sharpen and expand your instincts and intuition. Sharpen your Instincts Malcom Gladwell in two…

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The 7 All-time Greatest Ideation Techniques

  Which brainstorming techniques should you use to attack your next innovation challenge? Here are the “super seven” that innovation consultant Bryan Mattimore says have the advantages of being easy to learn, flexible to adapt to different types of creative challenges and are diverse enough to deliver different types of ideas. Bryan W. Mattimore, in…

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