Abrasive Executives: A New Perspective

by Jordan Goldrich, MCEC This is a different and perhaps provocative perspective on leaders who are experienced as abrasive. Most people who write about these executives or work with them call them names like bully, jerk, hyena, narcissist, toxic or the term in the (New York Times?) best seller, The No Asshole Rule. Would you agree that calling people demeaning …

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Six Techniques to Sharpen and Expand Your Innovation Instincts

One of the most valuable things anyone can bring to the innovation process is great ideas for uniquely solving consumer needs. And, in order to bring novel (innovative) ideas to your organization, I have found that it is important to continually sharpen and expand your instincts and intuition. Sharpen your Instincts Malcom Gladwell in two of his books, Blink and …

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The 7 All-time Greatest Ideation Techniques

  Which brainstorming techniques should you use to attack your next innovation challenge? Here are the “super seven” that innovation consultant Bryan Mattimore says have the advantages of being easy to learn, flexible to adapt to different types of creative challenges and are diverse enough to deliver different types of ideas. Bryan W. Mattimore, in his new book Idea Stormers: …

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Handbook of Assessments for Corporate Executive Coaches

Handbook of Assessments for Corporate Executive Coaches from CB Bowman, MCEC: Master Corporate Executive Coach

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